WMS Soup Kitchen & Clothing Donations
WMS Soup Kitchen & Clothing Donations
At St. Peter's AME Church, we seek to offer a wide variety of opportunities for worship, bible study, spiritual growth and educational development. There is a strong youth ministry as well as other relevant ministry programs that are designed to meet the needs of individuals who have a faithful personal relationship with God; and for those who are struggling with personal issues and the need for restoration. We welcome you with open arms as a family.

Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)
Purpose: Foster mission activities in North Charleston area and beyond
Laity Sunday
Laity Sunday
Lay Organization
Purpose: Ministry that instills love and appreciation for St. Peter's and Methodism in each member AND encourage each member to support the total program of St. Peter's AME. 

Young Peoples Division (YPD)
Purpose: Assist youth in personal development through community projects, workshops, etc.

Music Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that ensures worship and devotion music is appropriate AND that choir members are prepared to sing.

Grow One Step Ministry
Purpose: Educate congregation on each person’s need to be generous givers in the area of tithing AND promote the yearly Stewardship Campaign.
Women In Ministry
Women In Ministry
Women's Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that helps women to understand what it means to be a Christian woman.  It serves as  moments of encouragement to others.  Finding strength, motivating, and healing hearts through God's word is what this ministry has to offer. 
Perfect demonstration of an Ebony Pearl serving in the church.
Perfect demonstration of an Ebony Pearl serving in the church.
Health Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that promotes healthy eating, physical fitness and regular doctor check ups.

Ebony Pearls
Purpose: Promotes positive female images for girls and young ladies.

Nursing Home/Visitation Ministry
Purpose: Visit and worship with sick and shut-in members and/or persons in Nursing Homes in the local Charleston area.
Men's Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that helps men to understand what it means to male and Christian. Also, this ministry serves as a spiritual uplift for men.

Son's of Allen
Purpose:  Promotes Christian unity and behavior among young boys and men mentors.