We are pleased you are considering joining us for a worship service or other special occasion. We have provided this information because we know it’s easier to visit a new place when you know what to expect.

What time does your Sunday worship service begin?

Sunday worship service begins at 10:00 am. Church school begins at 8:45 am.

Can anyone attend church school at St Peter's?

We welcome everyone to attend church school with us. On a typical Sunday, church school begins at 8:45 am.

What are the services like?

Our services represent a combination of the familiar elements of worship and contemporary music and ministry. Our choirs sing a collection of traditional hymns and modern christian music.There’s something for everyone to enjoy during our services.

The order of service, including the lyrics to the featured hymns, is printed in the weekly bulletin distributed when you arrive for services. You will also find the scripture lessons noted in the bulletin. For your convenience, Bibles and Hymnals can be found in shelves located on the backs of many of the pews.The service generally lasts about 2 hours; services are longer on First Sundays.

 Am I allowed to take Communion?

In our church, we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the First Sunday of each month. As is the tradition of the African Methodist Episcopal church, our communion is an open table biblical event, available to all professed Christians, be they members of other churches or members of other denominations.


Can I meet the pastor?

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kennedy is available in the sanctuary immediately after worship service each Sunday.  We welcome you to meet him at the alter to introduce yourself prior to leaving.

Do you acknowledge visitors to the church?

We publicly recognize visitors during a portion of our service. We ask that you stand and share with the congregation your name, your current church affiliation (if any) and/or the name of the St. Peter's member with whom you are visiting. We then ask that you provide your contact information to a designated member of our church family so that we can keep you up to date on what’s going on at St. Peter's.

How do I become a member of St. Peter's AME Church?

During each worship service, we issue an Invitation to Discipleship where we invite people in need of a church home to join us at the altar. This invitation is extended to people who are new to the AME church, people who are members of another church and wish to transfer their membership to St. Peter's and to those who wish to temporarily affiliate with St. Peter's while they are away from their church homes.

The pastor welcomes new members and introduces them to the congregation. New members are then asked to see a designated member of the church to whom they will give their contact information. You will also be provided information on new member classes.

You may also call the church office at (843) 744-0688 to discuss your prospective membership with the pastor.