WMS Soup Kitchen & Clothing Donations
WMS Soup Kitchen & Clothing Donations
At St. Peter's AME Church, we seek to offer a wide variety of opportunities for worship, bible study, spiritual growth and educational development. There is a strong youth ministry as well as other relevant ministry programs that are designed to meet the needs of individuals who have a faithful personal relationship with God; and for those who are struggling with personal issues and the need for restoration. We welcome you with open arms as a family.

Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)
Purpose: Foster mission activities in North Charleston area and beyond
Young Peoples Division (YPD)
Purpose: Assist youth in personal development through community projects, workshops, etc.

Lay Organization
Purpose: Ministry that instills love and appreciation for St. Peter's and Methodism in each member AND encourage each member to support the total program of St. Peter's AME.

Music Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that ensures worship and devotion music is appropriate AND that choir members are prepared to sing.

Grow One Step Ministry
Purpose: Educate congregation on each person’s need to be generous givers in the area of tithing AND promote the yearly Stewardship Campaign.
Women In Ministry
Women In Ministry
Women's Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that helps women to understand what it means to be a Christian woman. This ministry serves as an encouragement to women.
Health Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that promotes healthy eating, physical fitness and regular doctor check ups.

Ebony Pearls
Purpose: Promotes positive female images for girls and young ladies.

Nursing Home/Visitation Ministry
Purpose: Visit and worship with sick and shut-in members and/or persons in Nursing Homes in Charleston areas.
Men In Ministry
Men In Ministry
Men's Ministry
Purpose: Ministry that helps men to understand what it means to male and Christian. Also, this ministry serves as a spiritual uplift for men.

Son's of Allen
Purpose:  Promotes Christian unity and behavior among young boys and men mentors.